Pamela Wehbi

If I could only sing as well as I write ...

My writing "voice" covers at least three octaves, from the low, steady notes (serious news writing, reports and training manuals) to middle-C level (brochures, corporate communications and letters) to the upper ranges (e-blasts, e-newsletters, ads, promos, direct mail, radio spots). I successfully change my pitch depending on my audience.

I'm a writer and editor with additional experience as a broadcast producer, newscaster and reporter. I've studied several foreign languages, traveled internationally many times and experienced life to the fullest. As a result, my writing is enhanced by all that I've seen, done and read.

I will admit it: I am a travel junkie with no interest in any type of a 12-step program to tame my addiction. I live and breathe international travel. Throughout my many journeys, I've gathered recipes, spices and strange cooking utensils (such as a weird little lime squeezer that I talked the owner of an Indian restaurant in Manchester, England, into selling me). Food has to be my second passion, and I love to infuse my writing with as much spice and variety as I do in my recipes.

Describing nuts and bolts may not be as exciting as describing a desert trek through the Sahara on the back of a camel, but it's certainly something I can do. I'm quick, versatile and can write about anything with enthusiasm and in any style that's required.